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Why spend hard-earned money on painful cosmetic surgery
when you can use "d-Facer"
for about the same cost as a cup of coffee!

Look Different!


Please discontinue use in case of severe itchiness or heart palpitations. May contain peanuts.
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D-FACER for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

• Amazing Retina Display HD graphics!

• No more wasted hours hitting the medical books and studying complicated surgical procedures!

• Now even your dog can use these amazing effects to amuse (or appall) his friends and family! Well, maybe not your dog.

• Get PhotoShop ®-type results easily.

• Manipulate, enhance, beautify or uglify. d-Facer lets you be the master.

D-Faced photos can be saved to your iphone album and then emailed to friends. You can even save them as "projects" to add or remove parts later. Comes with handy "Tips" to help you unleash the full potential of d-Facer and get started d-Facing photos quickly.

D-Facer's custom-designed parts can be easily positioned, resized and rotated. Then you can accurately adjust the color and brightness to blend-in the parts. D-facer automatically saves current work in case of interruption.

This app is perfect for kids, teenagers, and irresponsible and immature adults. (However, because of the powerfulness of the effects and the astonishingly real results, it is not recommended for children under the age of 6).

DETAILED TIPS to help you get started

•Choose a photo of a face or faces facing the camera. It harder to work with faces that are facing towards the side

• it's best if the subject is evenly lit -no harsh shadows
• it's easier if the subject's face isn't covered with hair

choose a photo

•load a new picture

•save a d-Faced photo

•save or load a project

•change settings (sound, TIPs, reset to default photo)


get parts

• the Parts are arranged in long rows starting at the top left.

•the row are organized by categories such as beards, ears, nose, etc.

• !!! to select a part touch and hold the part for a 1/2 second (until it clicks) and then drag it up onto the photo

• to see more parts swipe up/down or left/right

• the tiny arrow on the side is an indicator of which row you're at, so you can see when you're at the top or bottom. You can't press or move this little arrow.

parts lesson  

resize and rotate

• DRAG your finger up and down the slider buttons.

• don't TAP these buttons (except the flip button)

• if the right part doesn't change select it by tapping it (it will glow momentarily)

•alternatively, you can change the size or rotation by double tapping the part to show the "target" over the part, allowing you to use pinch gestures.

• tap again to remove the target.

• the flip button can be useful for ears and eyes, but d-Facer will automatically flip parts if the same part is selected or was just added

• if you select the background photo you can zoom the picture in or out

• parts can be deleted by dragging them to the bottom of the screen.

tap to select pinch gesture


• select the part first by tapping it

• DRAG (don't tap) your finger along the slider buttons.

• adjust the brightness, then you may have to ease off the color level (saturation) a little.

• gently slide your finger along the color filter.

• even slight movements can make a difference.

• the center is neutral, and the further out you go the more the part turns that color.


•the layers panel shows the current parts that have been added to the photo and their respective depth. In less techy talk, what's on top and what's underneath.

• you can DRAG a mini-thumbnail of the part above or behind other parts. For instance place hair behind a hat, or eyes behind glasses

•you can tap a mini-thumbnail and it will "select" the part so you can resize or colorize it --useful for small parts like nose rings

• you can double tap a mini-thumbnail to "lock" it. When it's locked you can't accidently move it. In fact you can move parts that are beneath it.

• you can drag a mini-thumbnail to the bottom center of the screen to delete the part



double tap the background photo to zoom in

tap once with two fingers to zoom out

・or use the resize button

・if you accidently move something or otherwise ruin it you can use the undo/redo buttons in the top corners

・undo & redo may take a few seconds to process all of the changes

PROJECT: start d-Facing

• add a patch of wrinkled skin • darken and adjust tone • add a wrinkled forehead • try on bushy eyebrows and potter glasses an interesting mouth and we're done

• pick one part to start and resize it • reduce brightness and use color filter between red and green • try to match the shadows too • add a mouth and move it below the nose ring • replace parts without any extra cost
  Your feedback is welcome. We aim for the best.  
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